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Starfish is a creative events company that aims to transform your business through play.

Ancient Greece`s Chief Innovation Officer, Plato, once said

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation. ”

Wise words.

We strive to create Starfish moments, which ignite evolution for your team or your brand. Our gamification-fueled events and experiences help internal audiences learn and external audiences feel entertained.

Why a Starfish?

A starfish is certainly not your ordinary walk-on-a-beach finding. It`s a wonderful living proof of how playful nature is. Because evolution does like to play. That`s how it learns. That`s how it gets better and better until it unveils a brand new treasure.

Starfish is a company which sets out to make your company evolve by playing. Our uniquely custom designed events put in motion collective learning mechanisms through gamification.

Why work with us?

Play is the most natural form of human learning. Actually, animals also use it to learn. Crows, dolphins, chimps and wolves just to name a few. Keeping pace with the rythm of change in the knowledge age places two big challenges in the hands of business masterminds:

Keeping your best brains inside your company and a happy team

Keeping your brand fresh to build relationships with key stakeholders

We use our unique gamification approach, international expertise and technological innovation in order to achieve Starfish moments for your company. You`re having a Starfish moment If you feel like you`ve discovered something totally new about yourself, something you had no idea was there.

We believe magic exists. Just like a starfish.

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